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Lena Paul Anal

Lena Paul and Jean Val Jean in “Lena Paul Anal” from the amazing porn scene: “My Sister’s Loss is my Gain” by Tushy 2016.

Lena’s sister just broke up with her boyfriend. He cheated on her constantly and she couldn’t stand it anymore. When she asks Lena to collect her things from his house, he immediately starts flirting with her.

After offering her a drink, they begin to talk, and its not long before Lena’s defences are down. He starts to show her around the house, and when they get to the bedroom, he grabs her and starts caressing her. She cannot resist his advances and before long, they are doing things that they really shouldn’t be, and Lena’s sister is far from their minds.

Lena Paul Anal Info

DirectorGreg Lansky
Release DateNov 07, 2016
PornstarsLena Paul, Jean Val Jean
Runtime36 min.
GenresGaping, Anal, Doggystyle, Cowgirl, Sister, Reverse Cowgirl
MovieMy Sister’s Loss is my Gain
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