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Brandi Love Lesbian

Brandi Love, Alexis Fawx and Athena Faris in “Brandi Love Lesbian” from the Movie: Lesbian Reconditioning Camp (2020) by MommysGirl.

Alexis Fawx and Brandi Love are worried that their daughter Athena Faris is going to get in trouble by dating boys. So they send her a camp hoping she’ll return a lesbian, to their surprise she comes back straight but little do they know camp may have been more affective on Athena than they thought.

Alexis and Brandi are excited about Athena’s newfound lust for girls, insisting that Athena show them all the sexy things she learned in camp. Even though Athena is hesitant, she can’t resist the temptation of getting down and dirty with her hot moms.

Story inspired by an original submission by Girlsway member, Lickherholic!

Brandi Love Lesbian Info

DirectorCasey Calvert, Bryn Pryor
Release Date4 January 2020
PornstarsBrandi Love, Alexis Fawx, Athena Faris
Runtime35 min.
From the MovieLesbian Reconditioning Camp
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