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Lena Paul and Jessy Jones in “Lena Paul GIF” from the porn scene “Final Exam Slam Session” by Brazzers Network (2017).

Jessy is completely fucked for the exam, especially when the professor decides to spring a bunch of stuff he didn’t study on him. Lena on the other hand, manages to complete the test in record time. Professor asks her to look after the class while he takes some time to hit the teacher’s lounge.

Lena Paul takes advantage of her newfound freedom by putting her feet up and her hand down her panties. She certainly takes command of the class, instructing Jessy to lick her pussy. Their little playtime gets out of control fast, as Lena needs Jessy’s throbbing cock fucking her over her professor’s desk.

Lena Paul Gif Info

Directorno data
StudioBrazzers Network
Release DateApr 10, 2017
PornstarsLena Paul, Jessy Jones
Runtime33 min.
GenresStudent, Blonde, Teacher, School, Glasses, Facial, Sex
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Lena Paul Gif

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